Friday, August 31, 2012

What trip to Chicago/Michigan Avenue would not be complete without stopping into The Disney Store?  Well, for me, it's always a given, even when I only have a few hours in the city as with this trip. After all, I have to stop by to see my friends!

So what was the hot ticket at The Disney Store on this trip? Lots! I didn't get to take pictures of all of the new items, but one caught my eye, since I received an email about it and talked to my friend Sharon about it. With the release of 'Cinderella' coming to Blu-ray in October, there is a limited edition Cinderella doll. I thought it would be the size of a Barbie doll, but it's much bigger. And it really looks good! For those of you who are interested in it, take note. They are limited edition of 5,000 and $99.50.  Click here to find out more on how to order.

"I'm surrounded by idiots." Any Lion King fan recognizes that lion, I mean line, as something Scar says about the Hyenas. I felt the same way as I was walking around the Store, but I thought it was nicer to just take a picture instead of saying it.

 Some of the unique merchandise that's offered at this destination store are the Chicago-specific items. They've been doing it for years, and it's been popular. I've picked up many items in the past, and this trip I found some pins for some friends and me.

Above and below in greater detail are some of the shirts they sell. I'd like that hooded sweatshirt above, but I wasn't ready to admit that I need to put the t shirts away and pull out the fall/winter wardrobe.

Here are some of the fun key chains and those pins I mentioned. I also have this thing about buying the reusable bags. But since I like the version I bought last year better, I passed on this one.

Did you wonder what I purchased? Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I purchased several pins, two for me and the rest as gifts. I also picked up this great new cell phone case. It's part of the Magic Around the World product line.  I just love it! I have to pick up the suitcase they have.  They also included a flyer about the new product line that's as popular as the Disney Princesses Designer Collection: the Disney Villains Collection. Just in time for Halloween!

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