Sunday, August 5, 2012

You've Got to Have Friends

Of course there are a hundred stories that go along with all these pictures. Some just speak for themselves.

Left to right: Mike, Tim, Melina, Paula

My friend, Kerrie, whom I've known since elementary school. I love her and she hasn't changed one bit!



 So this picture is one of those that has a back story. Our friend, Chris, told us that our friend, Donna, who is living in England, wished she could be here. She wanted to send us a hug from across the Pond, so we took a picture to "hug" her back. 
Tim, Bruce, Mike

 And this is us with Chris who was the "hug by proxy."
Tim, Bruce, Chris, Mike

Casey and Nikki

What is Nikki looking at?

 Two great friends of mine, April and Jim. Jim and I used to go to almost every dance in high school, and he still can boogie!
April and Jim

No dance is complete if you're not pointing.

 Val was our homecoming queen, and I still love dancing with her. She's a blast!
Val and Tim

Hector hasn't changed. Still surrounded by the ladies.

I have no idea what the conversation was about, but I love this picture! Casey is accusing Carlos of something, and Carlos is probably guilty of the charge.

Look at those smiles!

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