Saturday, August 11, 2012

Making a Pass For Me

Today I spent the day on a site that I always visit after going to a Disney Theme Park:  Disney PhotoPass.

 What I love about Disney's PhotoPass is that you can take advantage of someone else taking pictures for you. This was started at Walt Disney World, and you have photographers all over the place. Recently, it has become popular at Disneyland, but the photographers in Florida are better. They aren't 100% perfect, but they've come along way.

What the photographer does is take a picture of you and they scan a card you keep. Above is the card I had in 2011 and below is the card I received in 2012, commemorating the grand (re)opening of Disney's California Adventure. I just love the design of that card!

Here's a tip I picked up many years ago and whenever a photographer sees it, they think it's a great idea that they say they'll pass along. You'll notice the Quick Response Code (QRC) box on the right. That's what the photographers use to scan so your card has your pictures tied to your account. Sometimes, they get cards mixed up when there are a group of people, so I've learned to always bring an address label with me to put on the card. That way if there's any mix up or your card gets lost, it can be identified to you!  Underneath my address label, you'll see part of the numbers that are tied to your account. You have 30 days to log into PhotoPass online to claim your pictures, but once you log in, the clock starts ticking and you have 30 days to view and make purchases.

The great thing about PhotoPass is that you can add all sorts of Disney images to your pictures. Not only that, you can upload pictures you've taken and customize them as well!  Below are two pictures: one taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer (left) and one taken by a friend with my own camera (right). The pictures you take with your camera have limited graphics from which to choose, probably because Disney can't control what images you load up and put their name to it.

Taken by Disney PhotoPass Photographer
Taken with my camera

All of your pictures can be added to a CD, which you can then use to make reprints or have to say, put on your blog. I've made calendars for myself and gifts, but if I time my trips to a Disney Theme Park just right, I can also make my annual Disney Christmas cards. Below is one of three cards I made last year.


What about the pictures I made today? I started out with 66 pictures, and after customization, I wound up with 423, which I'll have burned to a CD. It's time for me to work on my Christmas cards, but I can't share any of this year's pictures with you just. However, below is a link to an eCard that is a sneak peak of one of my pictures.

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