Tuesday, November 27, 2007

He's Baaack!

Yes, after a four-month hiatus, I'm back. I've had some changes in my job, and in essence have been doing two different jobs at the same time.

But I've been back on the road, and my dear friend reminded me that I should probably post something and get back up to speed. So, to recap my trip so far:

My flight delayed in Minneapolis on Sunday for almost an hour.

I ran through the Memphis Airport to make my connecting flight.

I missed my flight by 2 minutes.

Then I fought with Northwest because I wouldn't arrived until after 3:00 PM the next day.

National Car Rental told me it would cost over $1000 to rent a car one way. (Are they insane? I had rented a car for the rest of the week for less than $200; I was just asking for an extra day and a different city.)

I drove 5 1/2 hours Sunday night/Monday morning from Memphis, TN to Monroe, LA (through Mississippi) with two complete strangers who also missed our flight. There were about nine of us who missed the same flight, and normally I wouldn't pick up strangers. But the lady was a teacher and the gentleman was a student at the university, so I figured I could trust them.

We get to my hotel by 2:00 AM. (Didn't use National of course, but Hertz, who got us a car for $250) I had to drop off the rental car at the airport, which is probably 1/8 of a mile from my hotel. The cab ride back to the hotel cost $10. I think I'm in the wrong business.

Woke up four hours later to set up for training, which is being held at my hotel, with no computers with 8 students and nobody from my customer's training department here to tell me what's going on.

After we pulled together some laptops, we finished training on the first day, but then today, the Courtyard had given our room away, because they canceled the wrong reservation. We had to go to the Residence Inn to find an conference room we could use.

Honestly, I don't make up these stories.