Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dining Out For Life

Dining Out For Life is an annual dining fundraising event raising money for AIDS service organizations nationally. 180+ participating restaurants in the Twin Cities have agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to The Aliveness Project and Rural AIDS Action Network.

Last year's Dining Out for Life raised over $215,000 in donations from restaurants, sponsors and individual diners, and I'm happy to say that I've been eating my way in support for years.

It's difficult to make reservations for our typical group of Friday night friends, so I made reservations at Pittsburgh Blue with a smaller group of friends. So we did our part by ordering drinks, appetizers, and meals. I ordered the prime rib and wasn't disappointed.

Of course I had to commemorate our evening with a photo opp, and my friend, Chris, said it looks like he photo bombed our picture. I think it's because of my fat head. Notice the sticker Dani's wearing? They give those out to diners each year.

Usually I keep almost everything, but since my company supports the state and local governments, everyone around the office is proud to show they vote. I show that support, as well as that I eat. Wish I kept some of those other stickers so that this would be more impressive, but it does make people laugh when they see this.

To find out more about Dining For Life and how you can support it next year in your area, click here.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day, 2013

Today is Earth Day, but I really didn't get to 'celebrate' as I have in years past. Partially because the Disney Store didn't have a lot of merch for adults, and all the cute shirts came in kid sizes.  But that's okay.

I did do my part by buying Disneynature's Wings of Life on Blu-ray. I can't wait to see Bears in the theatre. How do you celebrate Earth Day? Find out ways you can participate at Disney Earth Day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's A Trap!

There are days where you feel like you're tied to your electronic devices, and there are times when you feel they have a hold on you.

Sometimes you just feel trapped.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a Work of (He)Art

Any Disney fan will tell you that Philoctetes sang those words in Disney's Hercules. Phil is right that any work of art is a work of heart. 

Yesterday I was carrying on a conversation with two good friends, Don and Kenneth, about the Walt Disney Classics Collection, Grand Jester Studios, and Disney production art. All of these are labors of love and works of (he)art.

In discussing some of my production art, I discovered I hadn't posted pictures of some of these on my blog or on Facebook. Really?!?  Wow, that even surprises me. So today's blog post gives a nod to some of my artwork. I'll follow up with some others in future postings.

The piece of art that started the discussion was my original hand drawn production artwork from Disney's Fantasia. This comes from the 1940's, is authenticated and has a certificate of authenticity (as is all of my artwork that is of any value). In this scene, you see a unicorn with one of the pans. (Not Peter)

Since I mentioned Don, I thought I'd share two pieces of Disney production art that he would appreciate and that I have hanging in my office at work, and both coming from Disney shorts.

DuckTales and soon the Disney Afternoon would be filling the airwaves. This art of Uncle Scrooge comes from when he starred in the 1987 short, Sports Goofy in Scoccermania.

For the next two pieces, I don't have the information from which particular works they come, other than they were for specials on TV. However, I did find another piece that is from the same section of the short for Donald at this website. Scroll down to the third image and click on the larger image. You'll see theirs is numbered 59 in the bottom right hand corner, and mine is 57.

This one below is what I had framed for my office, and hangs next to Uncle Scrooge.

Okay Kenneth. This one's for you. I have Mickey in my office as well. The first picture is prior to me having it framed, so it shows the piece off more, and the second is after I had it framed. Mickey hangs on an adjoining wall.

 More artwork coming soon, and then you boys can decide how my will should be written: 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yet Another Loss

It seems like more famous people are leaving us.

Yesterday, both the Star Wars and Disney worlds lost a star: Richard Leparmentier. Granted, he wasn't as well know as Lieutenant Santino in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I'm sure if someone said Admiral Motti, you'd know him.

Sure, he may not have had big parts in either movie, but they were good characters. We'll never forget Vader's choke hold using the Force, and being the recipient of the famous, "I find your lack of faith disturbing" line.

In fact, I bought this a few weeks back at Hallmark for my office at work. It's been good fun to catch those who are unaware that when you push the button, The Imperial March/Darth Vader's Theme plays.

Thanks, Richard, for giving us great movie moments.

Book of Memories

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Tours Departing Daily, I read that there has been a page set up for Annette Funicello on Cherished Memories Memorial. Reading this obituary has made me teary again.

There's been so much sadness lately, I guess part of it is pining for the days of innocence. The 1960's doesn't see so long ago, and yet it does.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Magician Figment

In my April 6, 2013 posting, I mentioned that I ordered my Grand Jester Studios Magician Figment piece from Walt Disney Event Services. They told me it would take six to eight weeks for me to receive my Figment(s) (Yes, I had to order two: one for at home and one for at work.)

When I arrived at work late Friday night, April 12th, I had a box waiting for me on my desk. Too tired after driving back from Wisconsin Dells from a business meeting, and thinking it was a work-related package, I left the box unopened until this morning.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to discover my Figments had arrived! That has to be one of the shortest shipping times I've had ordering from Event Services! Sculpted by Bruce Lau, you can't go wrong! It's more adorable in person than in the picture.  Both are signed by Bruce, and I received #133 and #518 out of 3,000! I'm just happy I was able get my hands on at least one.

So as always, Figment has brightened my day. He will at work and at home!

Magician Figment Sculpture  Premier
Designer and Art Director: Patrick Romandy-Simmons
Sculptor: Bruce Lau
Retail: $65.00 plus sales tax
Media: Polystone, hand-painted
Release Date: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Location: Art of Disney, Epcot®
Dimensions:  9”  high x 3 ½” wide x 3 ½” deep
Limited Edition Size:  3,000

Monday, April 8, 2013

Farewell, Pineapple Princess

What a bittersweet day. I was happy to order the Monty Maldovan Mickey and His Pal Figment print. (I'm on the wait list for the giclee. They only made 90 and had five at the event this weekend.)

But then some sad news that's been a long time coming: Annette Funicello passed away today. I have loved Annette since childhood like so many other kids and adults who fell in love with her on the Mickey Mouse Club.

There are so many fond memories Annette has given us over the years. In 2003, I was lucky to have seen and had my picture taken with Annette's contribution to the InspEARations - 75 Years of Mickey at Disneyland.

Always My Angel Mickey by Annette
 On the way home from work today, I listened to Annette's CDs and while there are many songs that make us think about America's Girl Next Door, I think this song is appropriate to sum up Annette.

I've had this picture of Annette for years on my desk. Tonight there are a couple of candles burning in her honor. You will always have a special place in my heart for all the joy you've given me. Say hello to Uncle Walt for me tonight.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Figment Sculpture and Art Event

Today's the big day. It's the Figment Sculpture Premiere Event. For the past five years, at least, there's been a Walt Disney Classics Collection Figment event. This is the first year that this event won't have a WDCC piece. However, I'm thrilled that there is a Grand Jester Studios piece of Figment, and it's fun.

I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to order the back-ordered Monty Maldovan, Mickey and His Pal Figment piece next week. I've been calling for months.

The polystone mini-bust was designed by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and sculpted by Bruce Lau, and stands 9” tall.

To find out more about the event and piece, visit the Art of Disney, EPCOT.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The (Almost) Final Four

After today's vote, we're down to the Final Four in the 'This Is Madness' character tournament. Some of my favorites have already been knocked out, but having said that, I'm not surprised by how this is shaping up. After all, it is the Dual of Fates between the forces of good and evil.

However, I was happy to see an unexpected endorsement from the Dark Side.

Vote now!