Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a Work of (He)Art

Any Disney fan will tell you that Philoctetes sang those words in Disney's Hercules. Phil is right that any work of art is a work of heart. 

Yesterday I was carrying on a conversation with two good friends, Don and Kenneth, about the Walt Disney Classics Collection, Grand Jester Studios, and Disney production art. All of these are labors of love and works of (he)art.

In discussing some of my production art, I discovered I hadn't posted pictures of some of these on my blog or on Facebook. Really?!?  Wow, that even surprises me. So today's blog post gives a nod to some of my artwork. I'll follow up with some others in future postings.

The piece of art that started the discussion was my original hand drawn production artwork from Disney's Fantasia. This comes from the 1940's, is authenticated and has a certificate of authenticity (as is all of my artwork that is of any value). In this scene, you see a unicorn with one of the pans. (Not Peter)

Since I mentioned Don, I thought I'd share two pieces of Disney production art that he would appreciate and that I have hanging in my office at work, and both coming from Disney shorts.

DuckTales and soon the Disney Afternoon would be filling the airwaves. This art of Uncle Scrooge comes from when he starred in the 1987 short, Sports Goofy in Scoccermania.

For the next two pieces, I don't have the information from which particular works they come, other than they were for specials on TV. However, I did find another piece that is from the same section of the short for Donald at this website. Scroll down to the third image and click on the larger image. You'll see theirs is numbered 59 in the bottom right hand corner, and mine is 57.

This one below is what I had framed for my office, and hangs next to Uncle Scrooge.

Okay Kenneth. This one's for you. I have Mickey in my office as well. The first picture is prior to me having it framed, so it shows the piece off more, and the second is after I had it framed. Mickey hangs on an adjoining wall.

 More artwork coming soon, and then you boys can decide how my will should be written: 

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