Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Magic is Back...And so is Mickey!

Well, not only did I get to attend the pre-opening of the new Mall of America Disney Store, but I also was lucky enough to go to the character visit! Every 15 minutes, they alternated between photo opportunities with Mickey and Minnie. The Cast Members gave specific instructions about one photo per family and how to keep the line moving, but of course, no one paid attention.

Personally, I didn't mind which Mouse with whom I would take a picture, because I was going to use it as one of my Christmas card pictures. As the 15 minutes ticked away, I saw Minnie Mouse approaching. But a Cast Member said to me as I was waiting, "Who would you prefer your picture with Mickey or Minnie?", and I said, "It doesn't matter, because I'm just happy to be here and get my picture with a Disney character!" She said, "Well, let's get you with Mickey," so they had Minnie wait to have Mickey take one last picture with me!

(This is my background and screen saver on my iPhone)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Key to the (Magic) Kingdom

After many months of our only Disney Store being closed in Minnesota, the day had come for it to be reopened. However, due to some special connections, I was able to get a special invite (along with many other frequent shoppers) to the pre-opening celebration.

 I really like the new design, but what I really want is behind the cash wrap and not for sale.

While I did some shopping, I didn't clean out the new store. They still don't have enough for adults!!!