Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

How were we to know we would be going into one of the snowiest winters on record? The December 10-11 Blizzard is the 5th largest snowstorm on record for the Twin Cities since 1891.

The largest snowfall for the Twin Cities since the 1991 Halloween Blizzard began late Friday night and continued through the day on Saturday. 17.1 inches of snow fell at the Twin Cities International Airport. Not only is this the largest snowstorm on record for December for the Twin Cities, but this storm is the fifth largest snowfall in a single storm to hit the Twin Cities since 1891.

Heavy snow with visibilities of a quarter mile or less was reported at the Twin Cities Airport for eight hours straight from 9am to 4pm December 11. The International Airport was closed for four hours.

This storm packed quite a punch with wind as well as snowfall. Blizzard warnings were posted on December 11 for all of southern Minnesota, including Carver, Scott and Dakota Counties of the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities International Airport was closed for a time during the storm and numerous holiday events were cancelled, including the Holidazzle Parade. The Metrodome collapsed under the weight of the snow.

For days afterward, cities struggled to remove the snow from streets and sidewalks. School was cancelled for two days for St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Buried in the snow is this bench at a nearby bus stop.

Sure, it's fun at first, but it would turn into a pain in the parka.

This is after the plows came through, and it was still bad. A group of pedestrians had to help push cars out of ruts in the street.