Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ink & Paint is Off The Page!

Thank you Disney!

Once again, you are gladly accepting my money! Truth be told, I'm happy to part with it. I guess I should be thankful for a healthy tax return.  But there are two must-have cels (aren't they always?) that I just cannot pass up.

The first comes to us from Disneyland, and it is the second release from the Ink & Paint Department on the West Coast. The “Jiminy Cricket” cel is a limited edition size of 1000. Of course I went with the cel with postcard and pin option, which is limited to 750 pins. Pictures of the cel and the pin are below. Click here to order your "Jiminy Cricket" cel.

The next cel I ordered from Walt Disney World is literally "Off The Page", but not to be confused with 'Off The Page' at Disney's California Adventure.  The  limited edition of 1000 “Off the Page – 25 Years”features Sorcerer Mickey. Below are pictures of the cel and pin. Click here to order your "Off The Page" cel.

Pre-orders end soon on these cels, so don't wait too long. To read more, click here to check out the Disney Parks Blog. When you read through the comments, you'll see they posted both of mine. I'm so glad you're able to order these cels online now. It makes it so much easier!