Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning-WDCC Style

Why is it that we are compelled to do some extra cleaning when it's spring? I'm not a slob by any means. But I think after the long winter, and the sun starting have some extra time to shine through the windows, you see what having a fireplace does to one's home.

Then I look at the curios. My goodness! I used all my energy to decorate for the holidays. Now it's time to sing a happy tune and clean all that glass!

I don't have woodland friends to help me, nor would I want that for this task. I'm always fearful when I clean my eight curios that I'm going to break something. But then another feeling starts to permeate me: nostalgia.

When I look at my Walt Disney Classics Collection (and those with a sharp eye will see Grand Jester Studios and Robert Olszewski pieces), I see not only the piece, but so many fond memories of friends, conventions, trips, exciting conversations of anticipated pieces, the thrill of the hunt finding that lowest number of the numbered limited edition (NLE) piece. I think about the detailing. The hours of craftmanship and research that went into every piece. And of course, I think about the animated feature or short that inspired the piece.

WDCC is more than about the piece. It's about the community, the friendships, the lifelong bonds it created. That's why the line was is so special to my friends who collect it and me. 

Oh, and if you're going to ask if those eight curios showcase my entire collection, the answer is no. I could fill at least another 10 curios. No lie.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Totally My Element

Way back in high school, I had to memorize the Periodic Table. I can still recite it:

Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen...I did not copy and paste that! It's funny how some things stick with you. Kind of like singing "Fifty Nifty United States" helped me recite the states in alphabetical order.

Now you can memorize Disney's version of the Periodic Table, including Rare Earths!

This would have made high school science a lot more fun. Of course, I would have blurted out this version instead of the actual elements!

To read more, visit the Oh My Disney Blog. Click on the picture below to see a larger version of the Table.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grand Jester Studios - January, 2015 Introductions

Just announced are the January, 2015 introductions of the new Grand Jester Studios pieces. As usual, there are several 'must-haves' that I 'need'. Let me start of with the crown jewel of the set: Mulan. I just love her in this outfit and that they used the stone dragon as the base.

The details always amazes me. While not the quality of the Walt Disney Classics Collection (nothing ever will be again since that's the gold standard), it's still pretty good and a great value.

The next piece that I just love is Stitch.

He's spot on, and I think what does it for me is the Hawaiian shirt as well as the base. 

The next piece will accompany my Jiminy and Pinocchio very well, and that is the Blue Fairy.

Look at the detail in her face! And as I keep saying, the bases they make are as great as the subject matter itself. Actually, it is part of the subject matter. I bet they debated using the 'Official Conscience' badge as a base for the Jiminy piece, but the book was a brilliant base, too.

This next piece would probably appeal to our resident Duckman. That is if he collects Grand Jester Studios. Need I mention the awesome base again?

 Finally, I believe this is a first for GJS. They are offering a set! But really, you can't just do Lock, Shock or Barrel by themselves, can you? Looks like I have to go back and pick up Sally and Jack now! Hope they do Oogie Boogie. 

I hesitate to put this in print, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention there's one more piece: Olaf. However, I am not an Olaf fan. I know. It's sacrilege even saying that I didn't care all that much for Frozen. I'm probably the only one in the entire world who feels that way. But to see Olaf and pricing for these pieces, please click here.  These pieces will be released in May, 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung...So Were The Ornaments

Like many people, I have more Christmas decorations than room to display them all. But that means I can rotate what I put up each year. That allows me to see old, dear "friends" from Christmases Past. For example, take this ornament (not literally).

This one was given out to Disney Cast Members at the annual Disney Family Christmas Party. In 1989, we weren't as politically correct yet and had to say, "Holiday". Anyway, at these parties, the focus truly was on the Disney family. Cast Members from all parts of the Company (Park, Studio, Corporate, etc.) would come together at Disneyland to celebrate. In the years I worked at Disneyland, this is the only ornament I can remember that was given out, so it is very special. 

Then there is this one. 

I know it's a little hard to see and it looks shaky, but that's because I used Panorama to capture as much of the ornament as I could.  Let's see if this one is any better. 

This ornament commemorates the opening of EPCOT in 1982. EPCOT is my favorite of the (currently) four Parks that make up Walt Disney World, but I wouldn't get to experience it for my first time until January 11-17, 1988. I went with a group of my Tomorrowland friends and we had a blast! Thankfully they still had this ornament available, and I was able to remember that trip and EPCOT all in ornament. 

Not to mention everyone's favorite, Figment! Oh, and in case you are curious about the other side of the ornament...

In 1999, I had the opportunity to take my parents to Walt Disney World for their first trip to FL. After only knowing Disneyland, they really enjoyed seeing the "other" place, and like me, they enjoyed EPCOT the most. 

While we have fun memories of all four Parks, this next ornament helps me remember what was then Disney's MGM Studios. They enjoyed seeing the house front of 'The Golden Girls', which now is gone. So Jessica holds a special memory for me of that trip, and she sits on the mantel with her special Mouse-shaped holder.

I picked up a number of ornaments last month when I went to Walt Disney World to celebrate my 50th birthday. Do I have a favorite? It's hard to say at this point, but maybe one will win out over time. That sometimes happens when you reflect on the past. Or is that just a Figment of my Imagination?

As Christmas 2014 approaches, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but Santa has already given me my presents as I look over my decorations and reflect on fond memories. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Going Bananas for Herbie

So while I'm in Colorado Springs, a long way from Hollywood, San Francisco, Brazil and Monte Carlo, it was the last place I would think of seeing Herbie. Yet there he was!

I used to have a similar Beetle when I worked at Disneyland, and my friends always said I should have done this. I'll have to see if Herbie is there the next time I visit my family. I just Love that Bug!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Peak of the Gods

Pike's Peak. It's always a beautiful sight to behold.

Likewise, so is the Garden of the Gods. I never grow tired of seeing either one whenever I visit my family in Colorado Springs.

Pike's Peak acts like a sentinel over the Garden of the Gods. No trip is ever the same because of how much snow covers the Peak. While I didn't go into the park this trip, I did go to the newly renovated gift shop in the Visitor's Center. No pictures needed of that, not even for Yelp.  

And as always, one must snap a picture of the Kissing Camels. Can you see them?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Random DIA Thoughts

I prefer an aisle seat so that I can get up and go potty whenever I need to go. I know. TMI.

This trip, I had a window seat, and it was fine. It's only a two-hour flight from Minneapolis to Denver, so I could wait that long. Remind me next time I get a window seat to use Depends just in case. I was fine reading my Star Wars book. I have less than 100 pages left, and I need to give this book to my nephew. He gets all my Star Wars books that I'm not keeping. Besides, North Korea wouldn't let me watch 'Old Yeller' on the plane. Something about human emotions...

As we were coming into DIA, I was surprised to see that there wasn't much snow on the ground. The warm up last week must have melted a lot. You can see in the distance that the Rockies still have snow.

Since I was sitting in the back of the bus, I had to wait for the 31 rows in front of me to disembark. As I was watching out the window, I couldn't help but think of Toy Story 2. See how the mind of a Disney fanatic works?