Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Happiest Friends on Earth

Reunion week continues, and this one was as welcomed as my high school reunion. Here are some of the best people with whom I worked at Disneyland, some of whom I've known for over 28 years. Some of them I haven't seen since I left the Park in 1991.

I worked with most of this group in Tomorrowland, as well as on Splash Mountain in Critter Country. Like my high school friends, these friends have become family, and the belly laughs we had tonight reminiscing about the good old days helped make this trip home one for the memory books. It's friends like these that make coming home to California special. It's not the Californian traffic that makes me home sick.
Working at the Parks may not be the same now as it was back then, but thanks to each of you for continuing to be magical friends!

Front: Mark, Andy. Back: Mark, Tim

Pat and Tim

Andrew, Sue, Jill and Tim

Diane and Tim

Typical Hams

Al, Pat and Tim

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