Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Heat Is On

So my friend, Mike, sent me a picture today (Thanks for use of the picture, Mike!), and at first I focused on the Little Green Man, of course. Then I read why he sent it. This crushed red pepper is from Papa John's, and make sure you read the fine print at the bottom of the packet.

I never heard of food being treated with radiation, so of course I Googled it. Naturally, there were countless (or at least 19,700) hits about food being treated with radiation. Although funny at first, it does make you wonder if it's really necessary to kill bacteria this way, especially when we don't know if it really causes carcinogens.

Even though I love crushed red peppers, I'll think twice about eating any treated with radiation.

To read more about food treated with radiation, click here.

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