Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Field Trip

My friend and coworker, Nancy, suggested we go to Bakersfield. Growing up in California, that has a whole different meaning. I'm glad I pushed aside those memories for the ones made tonight.

Bakerfield is hip and trendy without being pretentious or snobby. Remember, I'm talking the restaurant and not the city of Bakersfield. While the food, wine and atmosphere were excellent, what really made the experience stand out was due to our server, Sean. He knew the menu in great detail, and could make some knowledgeable recommendation. He found us a nice bottle of Cab that Nancy and I liked, even though we did not have to pair it with our meal.

For starters, we both had the Mexican soup. It had the right blend of ingredients, even though I had to spice it up more for my taste buds. For entrĂ©es, Nancy ordered the bacon-wrapped shrimp that were the size of prawns, while I opted for the fresh Cajun Trout. One word: phenomenal!  Now, talk about spice, it had quite the kick. (The trout, not Nancy, although I'm sure she wouldn't mind doing that to me from time-to-time.)  Again, personally, I could have done without the peanuts. I really wanted the asparagus for my side, but Sean said the Caprese was better, so we both ordered that for our sides.

We couldn't just leave it at that, oh no, so we took the plunge and went for dessert, too. Nancy had the fried Oreos. They looked like cream puffs, and I tried one, and it didn't taste as sweet as you'd think. I chose the "healthier" route and went for the nectarines and berries. They were drizzled with balsamic vinegar and it was the best!

Because of our experience, I asked our server to send over the manager. I should have told him why, because I think he was a bit nervous. But we told the manager we were very pleased with our meal, but mostly, very happy to have Sean as our server. Be sure to ask for him and you'll be ensured you have a great time! I can't wait for my next office visit to Lisle, because I know we'll be dining here again!

To check out the menu and swanky decor, click here.

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