Thursday, September 4, 2008

Noise Pollution

All day long, I had back-to-back meetings. I had just enough time to throw some food down my gullet at some point in the day. Needless to say, I was looking forward to my nap time on the bus ride home.

First, a loud person got on the bus to ride a block. Then some guy is was oh so important, had to make sure we all knew it as he carried on a conversation that was probably heard over at the Republican National Convention over in St. Paul.

But the kicker was a woman with five little kids got on the bus. They could see that I was trying to get some shut eye, but insisted on sitting all around me and were constantly yelling and screaming.

After a few looks that could kill that didn't work, I turned to the kids and asked them to keep quiet. The woman shot me a look as if to say she was insulted. I was about to give her a little piece of advice [Warning parents! Non-Disney comment coming up] that if you can't control your kids, you should keep a better job of keeping your legs together, when she rang the bell to get off the bus. I don't even think it was her stop.

I'm home now. It's amazing how a glass of red wine can calm the nerves.

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