Saturday, September 27, 2008

Disney Store # 415 Reunion

I'm getting ready for the cocktail reception we're having for my folks today, but I wanted to put this out here before anyone else puts theirs out! (So competitive!)

Every so often, a group of people who came together in a retail environment for the love of Disney "worked" together. But as we knew from the beginning, it was much more than that. Of all the people that I've met in my journey through life, none are so dear as the friends I've made through Disney.

We say it time and time again. It's amazing how we worked together, for a short time or many years, and after all these years, we still come together as if family. Some of my dear friends I get to see on a regular basis, and others I have to wait to see at reunions like this one. But I cherish these moments and these friends. They are a first-rate group of people. Heck, Dani's seen my underwear. (I'd better clarify that. Chris, her husband, saw them too, but only because they helped me move!)

So here's to The Disney Store #415 Team. While all of us weren't together last night, we certainly talked about you!!!! (And you know we did!)

Front row: Brynn and Karen; Second row: Peter and Mariah; Back row: Brian, Wayne, Dani, Tom, Julie, Tim
(More pictures to follow soon on my website. Or if you're on Facebook, check them out there)

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