Friday, September 26, 2008

Mall of America Day with Mom, Dad and Flat Stanley

Today we spent the day at the Mall of America. I dropped off Mom and Dad at Starbucks while I ran across the street to work to attend a meeting. Then we went shopping.

Along the way, we had some photo ops. What I don't make my parents do, but you can see from where I picked up the "ham gene."

Here, you can see that Flat Stanley LOVES The Disney Store! (If you don't know who Flat Stanley is, go to

After looking for souvenirs, we were hungry, and I knew Mom would love Bubba Gump's. So we we had a ton of shrimp and saved room for bread pudding. Dustin our waiter got a hefty tip for his outstanding service, especially having to put up with my Dad!

Hey! Can you guess what this is??? Guess!!!

It's a BEAR PAW!!!!
(Yes, I lead a sad life)
Tonight they stay home while I attend The Disney Store Reunion!!!

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