Saturday, September 13, 2008

Laughter in the Rain...Kind Of

You know that it's Fall when it's time for the annual Fall into the Arts Festival. Typically, it looks like this:
But not this year. It was so damp and rainy, I (wisely) didn't bring my camera. Checking the Weather Channel before venturing out, I figured I would walk over and around the festival before the rain would come through. But that was only after I had done my laundry chores.

A few nice things, and many of the same exhibitors were there. There was one "must have", but since he only took cash or check, I asked him to hold it and I figured I could run home, avoid the rain and becoming sopping wet, and then come back to pick it up. Even with an umbrella in hand that didn't happen.

As I was heading home, which is only a few blocks away from the festival, the heavens open up and the Minnesota rain came down. It's not the fun Summer rain that feels good. It was the cold, damp rain that came down. By the time I got home, every inch of me was wet.

I changed and let the storm pass before heading out again. I picked up my treasure, and guess what happened...again? Yep. Another storm cell came through, and I was drenched again. After getting caught up on laundry, my trip out today cost me two days worth of laundry. Oh well.

Here's what I have to show for it. It's a silver creamer with silver spoons as the chimes.

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