Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Everyone knows I'm the poster child for Disney. I'm every marketers dream of buying into something. (As the director of marketing, you 'd think I could apply some of the same brain-washing techniques to make our stock soar, but that hasn't happened yet.)

It's just like me having three iPods. Why does one person need three iPods? And yet I do. I can't give away the Mini; the 80G holds most of my music; the iTouch has a nice screen for my videos and podcasts.

Then there's LinkedIn, the professional networking site with over 24 million users(*1) representing over 150 industries, which I love and see at many of the trade shows I attend. Some joke that LinkedIn is the boring social network that won't land you a date, but could find you a job. It's a great place to stay in contact with business partners and associates and to ask for professional advice. So it wasn't a far stretch for my compulsive personality to be turned to the Dark Side and cave to my friends' requests to join Facebook.

Facebook, for those of you living in a cave, is the social networking site that has over 60 million members(*2). One of the big controversies, is that many people treat that site as their "personal" haven, despite the fact that 60 million people can become your "friend", and the site is a place where the boundaries between work and personal lives has become blurred.

For example, many of the recruiters and business partners with whom I work will look for temporary and career-minded individuals to fulfill a requisition. Some people don't like that, while others think it's a gold mine of opportunity. I myself struggle with having my business partners and even some colleagues seeing my wacky antics on my off time. Thank goodness for those filters!

But if you do find yourself on LinkedIn or Facebook, be sure to add me to your network. I don't want to miss out anything!



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