Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Small Bus After All

This morning I was zoning out to random tunes, and "It's a Small World" came on. Normally I have a quick nap to and from work, but this morning I was wide awake. I also noticed that as "It's a Small World" was playing, that it was appropriate for my bus ride.

You see, the bus driver is from Togo, and there was an Chinese man behind me. To my right was an Eastern European man, and two Mexican ladies were off to the side. Then there was yours truly, who is of Dutch-Indonesian ancestry.

The ethnic landscape in Minnesota has changed a lot since I first moved here. And the bus I ride is a smaller bus (not the short bus), so I was amazed at the ethnic diversity this morning.

It truly is a Small World After All! (Have I said it enough so the song will still with you today?)

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