Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Will You Celebrate?

Well, Mom and Dad arrived last night on US Airways (Thanks for helping my parents out, Adam!!!)

After a good night's rest, we decided we'd head out to Downtown Minneapolis. As we walked through Macy's an omen appeared on one of the displays? Any guesses how much that t-shirt (I did say t-shirt) cost? Only $198.00!!!!

We started walking through the Skyway over to the IDS Center so I can show them where Mary Tyler Moore has lunch at Basil's in the opening credits, when we looked out on the street and saw it was Farmer's Market day! Since I don't work Downtown anymore, I had totally forgotten that Thursdays up until October they have this.

Then, what did I spot? Was that a Mickey Mouse balloon? Yes it was! Then I spotted a HUGE Mickey Mouse balloon!

Mike in California had told me that they were kicking off next year's Disney event in several cities including Minneapolis. A bunch of my Disney friends talked about it, but in the pandemonium of this week, I totally had spaced that they were having this event Downtown (REALLY!!! No one will believe me, other than knowing I'm an airhead.)

One-Two...Click. Dad's great with the camera. And I did not ask for a pink balloon.

So, not only on day one of my family's visit did I get some nice quality time with my folks, I was able to throw in some Disney magic too! Well, other than Dad's balloon popping on the bus and it scared the heck out of the passengers. (I can't repeat what one guy said). At least the bus driver found some humor in it. She said to us and the other passengers that it was like our economy: great at first and then it's a bust.
To learn more about the new Disney event, check out to enter a chance to win a vacation for four to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. (You know I'm the walking billboard for Disney.)

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Babette said...

Cool that you were able to see the Disney Celebration USA Tour! Was curious what they would do. Not sure I'd want to drive that car across the country though, I'm sure I'd get it caught in an overpass somewhere!

Glad things got off to a great start with your parents!