Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going to the Dogs and Cats: Whisker Whirl

Wow, I have a lot of pictures on my camera that I've either forgotten to post or with some to do. But since next weekend I'm going to be attending the Animal Humane Society's Whisker Whirl, I figured I'd better post some pictures of last year's event before posting the ones I'll be snapping this year.

This is a great fund raiser where pet owners and lovers can get together for the evening and have a good time. They have pet food as well as human food. Sometimes, it's hard to tell which is which, but I was assured that this was the human dessert plate.

Last year's theme was Autumn in New York, and Tamar Geller was one of the guest presenters. The table displays reflected things we'd expect to see from the Big Apple, like Broadway. Hey! Do I spot The Lion King?

If you're in NYC, you have to go to Little Italy. Wait! Is that Lady and the Tramp?

Yes, some of the tables did have a Disney touch, but that's because friends Dani and Chris, who volunteer for the Humane Society, also provided some of the table decorations. They clean up nicely, don't you think?

This year's theme is Whisker Whirl Goes Hollywood, so that should be fun. But as we left last year, someone left their "auction paddle" on their table and I couldn't resist this picture. They had a Hollywood theme last year and didn't know it! Woof!

If you'd like to know more about this year's Whisker Whirl or would like to make a donation, check them out at:


Babette said...

Tim, do you have a cat or dog? I didn't think you had a pet.

Timon said...

No, the condo doesn't allow pets, and I'm barely potty trained. This is an event that is near and dear to my friends' hearts, and it's my way of helping them out since I can't foster a pet.

Besides, it's a hoot to see how much pets really do look like their owners!

Did I just type that?!?!