Monday, July 23, 2007

You're Such a Teaz!

In my haste to pack a carry-on instead of stowed luggage, it wasn't until I got to the hotel that I realized thatI forgot to pack my shaving razor. I went to the Front Desk to buy one, but they gave me a Bic disposable razor. Have you ever shaved with one of those? They should call them Nic, not Bic.

With little pieces of tissue all over my face and feeling like a teenager again, I started driving to my customer's site for our day of training.

Chico is a university town, but instead of me showing you nice scenes and pictures of the huge graveyard downtown, I once again am obsessed with the signs I see.

The first one is just outside of my Courtyard hotel, but I can promise you that it doesn't reflect the inside of my room.

Then driving to work, I noticed that this probably one college from which I wouldn't advertise from which to be a graduate.

Oh, it's Butte, not Butt. Nevermind.

Then after our day of training, my customer wanted to take me out to dinner. She took me to some swanky hotel restaurant which dates back to 1901. It was a nice atmosphere and delicious food, but another restaurant we passed caught my eye as we drove by it.

I don't think it would have been appropriate for me to answer her question of "What would you like for dinner?" by answering this place.

My boss probably would have fired me. Although, could it have been any worse that when I was in Bellevue, Washington, and turned in my expense report for dining at The Nooner?

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