Saturday, July 21, 2007

With A Flair

To quote Emelius Browne from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, "Oh, it really doesn’t matter what I do, what I do, as long as I do it with a flair".

My last trip home from this customer in Canada I would do with a flair. Well, it wasn't so much me as much as what Northwest Airlines did to me.

It didn't matter that the flight was delayed an hour out of Detroit. I've come to expect that. It didn't matter that I sat next to a little old lady, who started chatting with me, and I was anticipating that she was going to turn on my reading light for me. She didn't and left me alone, so I go her luggage down for her as a silent thank you for not bothering me.

However, it wasn't until I arrived back in Minneapolis that I would experience the icing on the cake. After being delayed an hour and wasting another 50 minutes at baggage claim, my luggage didn't arrive. I went to all the carousels, went to the Baggage Claim counter three times (there's a treat in Customer Service if you've never experienced that), but my red Mickey luggage wasn't there to greet me.

Finally, a nice gentleman at the counter helped and said it was scanned for my flight, but must have been left in Detroit, so they would deliver it to my place on Saturday. Tired and without my dirty fine dedicates, I hailed a cab home.

And just to completely round out my evening, the cab driver tired to carry on a conversation with me in poor, broken English (no, not mine) and at such hushed tones, I had to constantly have him repeat everything.

Yep. Traveling with a flair. Stay tuned to find out if I get my luggage back.

UPDATE: They called at 8:30 AM to say they found my bag and to see if I was home to deliver my luggage. It didn't show up until 12:30 PM. At least it came home ready for my trip tomorrow!

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