Monday, July 2, 2007

What Are Words For?

My boss, Jennifer, is going to London, Paris and Amsterdam for 10 days next week, so I offered to help her with a few phrases every tourist should at least attempt to say when visiting Europe. My French is a bit rusty, so I may not be pronouncing it correctly.

In case you're interested, the list I gave Jennifer is below.

French English

S'il vous plait If you please/please

De rien You’re welcome

Bonjour Good Day

Bonsoir Good Evening

Parle vous Anglais? Do you speak English?

Je m’appelle Jennifer My name is Hot Stuff

Pardon Excuse me

Je ne sais pas I do not understand

Je t’aime Say this to get free drinks

Ou est … Where is …

Toilet I think you know this one

Combien distance est pour... How far is it to...

C’est combien? How much is it?/How much does it cost?

Dutch English

Dag! Hello/Good bye

Tot ziens See you/Until next time

Goede morgen Good Morning

Goede dag Good Day

Spreekt u Engels? Do you speak English?

Hoeveel kost dit? How much does this cost?

Hoe ver is… How far is…

Dank u wel Thank you very much

Niets te danken Nothing to thank/You’re welcome

Mijn naam is Jennifer My name is Hot Stuff

Ik hou van jou Say this to get free drinks

Waar is…Where is…

Toilet I think you know this one

Queen's English How We've Slaughtered It

Right You know what I mean?

Trousers Pants

Pants Underwear

I say! No s#%t!

Hello, Luv Yo, Beeach!

And if you're in the city of York:

A street is a gate.
A gate is a bar.
A bar is a pub.

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