Friday, July 13, 2007

I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

What a gorgeous day to be flying! Finally, a nice trip home. Here you see the flags of the city of Waterloo, the Province of Ontario, and I hope you recognize Canada. The clouds were absolutely beautiful from the ground.

As the six passengers and three flight crew took off in our prop jet, it was even more spectacular. This picture doesn't do it justice, but as we flew through the clouds, I felt like Aladdin and Jasmine on their Magic Carpet ride. And later, my cab driver's name was Abu. Hee hee.

Then on the connecting flight home through Detroit, it wasn't the man wearing a Finding Nemo bowtie that made me laugh. Seriously, dude. Even I wouldn't wear that! Nor was I concerned about the man who was being extradited from Michigan to Minnesota. Two Customs officers lead him on the plane first before the rest of us were allowed to board, and two greeted him when we deplaned, and of course he sat two rows in front of me. It wasn't even the little old lady sitting next to me, who insisted on turning on my light to read. That's like the second or third time that's happened. Was that what entertained me?

Nope. Rather, it was the Yenta with the three carat ring and her foot in a removable cast sitting in the row in front of me where I could see her that would be the source of my laughter this trip. By the way, she had her bare foot resting on the airplane blanket some of you may like to cuddle up in. I've seen that one a few times and a lot worse, so don't ever use the blankets or pillows on the plane. It's a germ-fest.

Anyway, back to my Yenta. She purchased two Sky Vodkas from the flight attendant, who didn't have her change for her, but promised he'd be back with her $8.00. She began to shmaltz it up, having tipped back a few prior to the flight I'm sure.

A little while later, she's waving to a business man in a tie who was standing in the aisle talking to his friend. The Yenta ways her arms in the air and cries, "Oy! Bubbee! Come here!" The guy points to himself and mouths, "Who? Me?" and she says yes. He comes over and she says, "Oy, you owe me my gelt!" The guy says, "Not me. I don't owe you anything lady." She looks at him as says, "You're not the flight attendant?"

Turns out Friday the 13th was okay after all.

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