Monday, July 9, 2007

Delays and More Delays

Here we go again.

Sunday evening, there was a severe thunderstorm that came through Minneapolis at the same time I was about to board my flight. There was thunder, lightning and hail, and the sky was dark, but it cleared up in about 40 minutes. They delayed my flight three times, and that made me my connecting flight to Canada.

I had them look for flights through Toronto, London as well as Kitchener, and the earliest flight they could find for me is arriving in Canada tomorrow morning. I had to fly to Detroit Sunday night, as they did not have any available flights Monday morning. They had rerouted all the planes, so it was kind of eerie to see the airport without any planes at any of the jet ways.

That reminds me of the time when they canceled my flight out of Columbia, SC. I turned in my car, went to check in, and that’s when they announced they canceled the flight due to mechanical problems, and they would get us out the next morning.

Since I had to be in San Diego the next day for a Microsoft Convention, I asked to be rebooked on another airline. They said all the other airlines were full. So then I had to tell the person to look for flights out of Charleston, Greensville, or even Charleston, because I figured I could drive there to make a connecting flight. Finally, they found a flight for me out of Greensville, which was about 1 ½ hours away.

Rushing back to National Car Rental, where I had returned my car 30 minutes prior, I asked if I could get the same car back. No go. Not only did I have to rent a car for 2 hours, that car rental for 2 hours cost more than it did to rent the car for the entire week.

Amazing. You would think that we’d have a better way to travel. Would someone hurry up and make the Transporter please?

Click on the article, and read where it says that "normal operation" came back within the hour. But what about my 4 1/2 hour delay?

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