Monday, July 9, 2007

Tower of Terror?

Here I go with the signs again.

This sign is courtesy of the Quality Inn, the better of two hotels in Woodstock, Ontario (Best Western is the other choice).

I have a history of getting stuck in elevators. Once in an American Express elevator, and the other at a Fairfield Inn in Columbia, SC. Fortunately for both occasions, I had my cell phone, I wasn't hungry and I had "Plan B" in case I had to tinkle. But ever since both instances, I have been cautious of vertical transportation.

This sign convinces me to take the stairs while staying at the "Quality" Inn, no matter how many floors.

And then when I get up to my room, I find I have a "space-age" washroom. None of that is porcelain. Nope. It's all grey plastic. The shower and bathtub were worse. And this is Quality?

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