Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm a Freak...About Germs

At a company meeting in Illinois earlier today, the fact that my coworker, Greg, and I are proud card-carrying germ freaks was discussed when the comment was made that I had a bottle of hand sanitizer sitting in front of me. If you can't imagine it, then here's something that will help you visualize it.

The timing was right, so to speak, when I arrived at the Milwaukee Airport (MKE) for my flight back to Minneapolis (MSP). The 'gentleman' took his laptop carrier from curbside, rolled it into the Men's Room, and went to buy dinner. He was gracious enough to plop his laptop carrier on the table where everyone eats and didn't bother wiping it down. Not only that, he had the nerve to sit at another table!

So you wonder why I'm a germ freak?

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