Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Treat for The Senses

When you travel a lot, there are many things that drive you nuts.

No, not those kind of nuts.  Stuff like this. First flight out of MSP to MKE in the morning at 7:00 AM and the plane not being clean. Really? What did the Delta cleaning crew do the night before? Not clean the plane, I can assure you.

For example, here's a pretzel that could have covered up the lighting strip on the floor, and prevented me from finding the nearest exit.

 Then in my seat pocket, I was greeted with an old newspaper and other bits of trash. I suppose it could be worse.
On the return flight from MKE to MSP, it got worse. Again Delta didn't have time to clean the plane in between flights because they want to adhere to the "on time" departure schedule and avoid the fine. This flight exposed me to 'Hints from Heloise'.  What does that mean?

When your lav smells like 236 passengers let their bowels explode, throw in a pack of coffee to mask the stench. My flight attendant friend, Fran, confirmed that it's true. It's like how you're supposed to sniff coffee beans to clear your sense of smell when sampling fragrances. Sometimes, it doesn't work, as in this case. Using coffee to try and cover up the stench of unprocessed Taco Bell isn't as effective as using Lysol.

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