Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Today I received an the Weekly Yelp email blast, entitled Yelp's Sushi Smackdown, and I noticed that Obento-Ya is only six miles from where I work. I mentioned to my friend and coworker, Jack, who is always up for Sushi. So we decided to give it a try.

At first we didn't see many people in the restaurant, but our worries were quelled when we found out they have a patio out back. Since Jack had already had a fair amount of sun from his golfing excursion yesterday, we opted to sit inside. (That last bit has nothing to do with the review of the restaurant, and you'll never get those 15 seconds back in your life.)

Our server was Jesse, and we told him we were here because of the Yelp email. Apparently they didn't know about getting highlighted (yet), but Jesse was very helpful explaining the menu to us.

Let me tell you, there are so many options on this menu, there's even something for people who don't typically like Sushi.  We both ordered the Fish Bento, which was Salmon, and ordered a side of Spicy Hamchi/Yellowtail.

There was enough food, because it also included Miso Soup, but it was just the right amount. We didn't leave hungry (for once), nor were we completely stuffed and useless going back to work.

We found out this building had trouble keeping business going, having frequent turn-over, but Obento-Ya has been at this establishment/location for about six years. I hope it continues to do well, because it's a great neighborhood gem.

Jack and I were glad it made Yelp's email today!We'll be back!

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