Sunday, August 25, 2013

Disney Infinity: I'm Hooked

Today, after a week of waiting for my game, buying figures, moving TVs, setting up and gearing up to actually play Disney Infinity, it finally happened. I got to play. What one word can I use to sum up my experience? To use a typical Disney word: 'Magical'.

After scouring the Twin Cities for the best deals, including a $50 Target gift card I won at a networking event this week, I have the entire Series 1 set, including the exclusive crystal Lightning McQueen from Toys R Us.

If you read my earlier post, and I wasn't kidding, I haven't gamed since the 1980's. Lots of things have changed.

For example, a joystick is now a controller, and it actually vibrates with effects in the game! (Some of you are rolling your eyes, but some of us didn't have that feature with our gaming system.)

It took me some time to just get through the intro, but that really was a fun part that had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of Animator's Palette on the Disney Cruise Line, where the story unfolds.

Disney really put some thought into the storyline, for which they are known of course. But they used it to show you what worlds you can play and what to expect, as well as to teach you how to play the game.

After playing for hours (It felt so good to do something like that. I haven't done that in years!), I've only played Mr. Incredible and am learning that each character you play has their own set of games. In fact, there's a vault in the Incredible world to which you must bring each character in order for it to unlock.

As Mr. Incredible was solving his missions, you passed 'videos' of other characters and things only other characters can unlock. I've learned how to use the controller, but I've also learned I can't drive Mr. Incredible's car.

I knew I'd get hooked, and I'm sure many of my friends thought I would as well. This is going to entertain me for years to come.

Now I need to trade some of my extra Power Discs to get the ones I'm missing. Have some extras you want to trade?

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