Sunday, August 18, 2013

Disney Infinity (And Beyond!)

The Disney Marketing machine knows how to job and do it well. They know how to strike the Obsessive-Compulsive chord in me, as well as thousands of others. They always know I need something before I do.

Today was the release of the video game, Disney Infinity. I've been waiting a long time for this game, and I'm not even a gamer. The last time I played games, I had an Atari. Some of you may remember this, while others want to know what kind of antique is this. Oh the fond memories.

But in keeping with the times, I did my research and knew I was going to buy a PlayStation 3. (Thanks to everyone who helped me decide, especially my friend, Jon, who is a game developer and steered me away from the WiiU I was considering.) Funny thing is, I pre-ordered the game before having the system. Typical me. Buy socks and build the wardrobe around it.

Heading over to Best Buy to keep a Minnesota-based company in business and keeping my friends employed, I had outstanding service from a sales person named Ramsey. That's a review in and of itself, so if you're interested, head over to Yelp to read my review.

But I digress. I went in to buy the PS3. Seeing a few different models on the shelf, Ramsey helped me decide on which PS3 was best for me and if there were any other accessories I needed in order to play Disney Infinity. For a few bucks more, I opted for the one with more GB.

My Disney Infinity game hasn't arrived in the mail yet, because if you pre-ordered, you received the starter game set, another free game figure, and Power Disc Pack. With all those freebies, I can wait. Besides, thanks to Ramsey, I bought a new TV for the living room and moved the current TV into the Disney Playroom so I'd have a bigger screen on which to play Disney Infinity.

Setting up two TVs and a new game console went a lot more smoothly and quickly than I imagined. I even had time to throw in a load of sheets and towels to wash, dry and fold. I was proud of myself for being so productive without a nap and staying off Facebook most of the day!

Anyone who knows of me and my Mr. Toad type of mania finding holy grails and limited edition pieces won't be surprised that I went all over the Twin Cities to pick up game figures. So let me share some of those as well as some deals.

First, I had to go to Toys R Us because they are carrying an exclusive Crystal Disney Infinity range of figures. The first to debut is Lightning McQueen. Not only that, you can also pick up exclusive Series 1 Disney Infinity Power Discs.

I also picked up the Disney Infinity Prima Guide to help you play Disney Infinity, because I've lost my edge playing video games (Whatever happened to plain ol' Frogger?), as well as an exclusive Disney Infinity Power Disc Album to store all this exclusive stuff I'm buying. Both are pictured below. Currently if you go to Toys R Us (store or online), you can buy one and get one half off. Stock up now!

After hitting Toys R Us is when I actually went to Best Buy. You already heard that story. From Best Buy, I had to pick up a few things at Target. Just on a whim, I decided to see if they had anything. Sure enough, they carried it all. Currently the Lone Ranger and Cars Play Set packs are half off, so I couldn't turn down that deal! That's two for the price of one!

I sure hope that the game arrives tomorrow so I can start putting all this stuff to use. More reviews of Disney Infinity to come, I'm sure. If you learn of tips while you play, please share!

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