Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Band of Sisters

You know what they say about any group of people that work or serve together in the 'trenches', both figurative and literal. You create a special bond. You look out for each other. You have lifelong friends.

On August 1, 2013, I posted about meeting up with one of my former training groups from American Express Financial Advisors. Tonight at Smack Shack, I met up with some friends from the other point of view: the trainers and performance managers.

Emily, Courtney and I try to meet up every so often, but it's never often enough. When we weren't in our classrooms, we were out at lunch, happy hour or parties. Nothing too wild, mind you. But you lose something when you don't see your friends on a daily basis. Time passes, and it's great to reconnect, but you also realize you shouldn't take your friendships for granted because we aren't guaranteed anything in life.

That's why I treasure these two friends. We can pick up where we left off from the last time we saw each other as if no time had passed. And yet while our memory is started to play tricks on us with some names and facts, we had plenty of laughs remembering some of our coworkers as well as the colorful cast of characters for whom we were responsible. Well, at least shaping their professional careers.

We've been there for each other during good times and bad times, which is why that bond of friendship is so strong and will continue to be there. I learned so much from these two wonderful, intelligent, and strong women. And I'm most certainly proud to call them my sisters.

Jakub, our server who took our pictures for us, told us to strike a pose, and of course we were willing to oblige. 

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