Friday, March 21, 2008

Too Much Tech?

During my travels around Europe, I went to a few classical music concerts in Germany and Austria. The audience would sit still through the entire performance, and would glare at you if you so much as scratched your nose.

So tonight in church for the Good Friday service, which was less than an hour mind you, I was distracted by a gentleman who couldn't sit still to save his life. It's like he had ants in his pants. Then I was appalled by someone else in the pew in front of me who felt compelled to send a text message during the service.

Is it something about our culture where people can't stay focused if they've made a commitment to something? This guy texting reminded me of when a group of friends and I went to see The Lion King last year. A guy kept checking the football score during the show, so finally at Intermission I said, in my passive way but voice loud enough for him to hear, "Yeah, the show's great if only this guy could figure out to check the score when the theatre isn't dark."

His embarrassed wife made him put away his Blackberry.

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