Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back After a Nightmarish Computer Virus

Hey y'all,

I just spent a week trying to fix my home computer. Somehow, a vicious virus made it through my filters and it was a pain to fix. I ran scan after scan and even try to remove things in Safe Mode to no avail.

ErrClean is a malicious system error fixer, created to dupe trustful users and force them to purchase full commercial version of this program. ErrClean may be dangerous for your operating system, it can download and execute spyware programs to track your activity and surfing habits. This spyware can easily steal private data too.

So learn from my experience.

If you see these two messages, they are the virus:

Something makes two icons appear on your desktop that look like they are Windows fixes and updates, but they are part of the virus. It is hard to remove this program manually, it will reappear after reboot and update itself through open securty backdoors, using direct connection with fraud web-servers (like IT IS A FAKE FIX! You can't even delete the two icons off your desktop. I tried renaming the executables and that still didn't work.

Do NOT pay money for that software, because there are some free fixes online. Find and run VundoFix first and then run ComboFix. They ask for donations, and that's worth it, but the other programs are a completes scam to get money out of you and personal information.

I had to run my Spyware a few more times after that, but it looks like it's fixed. Be careful!

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