Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Like Old Times

Last week, my boss asked me to go to a trade show in her place. So, here I am back in California! (Who's complaining???)

Leaving Minnesota, we had to wait for a flight attendant and then the start of a snow storm delayed our flight for over an hour.

But since it was triple the cost to fly directly into San Diego, I decided to fly into LAX and drive down. I knew I had time to drive down and then pick up a coworker who was flying into the San Diego airport.

Only now with the weather delay, I had less than two hours to get from LA to San Diego.

Don't tell Mom or law enforcement, but the drive that normally takes about 2.5 hours was able to be done in 1.5 hours. Let's just say I wasn't going 65. (Safety first, Kiddies!!!) But I used to drive this all the time when I lived here, so I knew the roads very well and where I can push the limit. So with the sun roof open and the XM Radio on the 80's channel, I flew, er drove down to San Diego.

As I was pulling off the freeway, my coworker's plane flew overhead. Perfect timing!

And of course we hit the Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town for some great dinner.

Oh, I promise to follow the posted speed limits on the drive back on Wednesday...or as close as possible.

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