Thursday, March 13, 2008


When I left for work Thursday morning, I should have known that this Duck would determine how my day was to go. In fact, to quote him, it was an "exasperating" day. Good thing this bird didn't leave a present on my windshield.

You see, this day was going be one of those days where I should have stayed in bed at the hotel. Not only were there some things going on at my office via email, but my customer also was having some 'melt downs'.

So we had a couple of lengthy phone conversations with a VP and some IT developers at my office. We had resolved one of the issues, so in a note I thought I was sending to my colleagues back in the office that said something, "Welcome to my world this week", I discover I sent that to the customer to whom I was referring.

Explaining that I felt that I wasn't accomplishing everything for him and feeling frustrated, I also hoped to get as much resolved for him by Friday. I don't know if he bought that dumb excuse, but at least I felt a bit better about my faux pas.

I supposed I should feel grateful and lucky that I took the sentence, "Same circus, different clowns" out of my email.

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