Monday, August 25, 2008

The Results Are In!

The results are in, and I am not an Olympian! Granted, I didn't start playing one of the games until half-way through, but still, looks like I didn't do well with matching or passing the baton.

My team, Herc's Olympians, had an over-all rank of 6,091, with a total point value of 452. They didn't say how many people played, but I know I was probably the last one to be picked for dodgeball.

For the "Pass the Baton" challenge, I was "Hopeful". They were being nice. My Minnesota team rank here was 75 out of 1,040. But my overall rank over the US was 2,414 out of 74,033. I would say a vast improvement there.

So tell me why I signed up for fantasy football again at work?

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