Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Shhh! I'm watching the Closing Ceremonies now! See! And for any of my friends who always say that I put up bad pictures of them, look. I also put them up of me! This is the last time I can wear my 2008 Beijing Olympics shirt while it's still cool.

I went to "Disney"room in the condo so I could iron, post and watch TV on my Mickey TV. It was so much fun watching the Opening with my friends; I wish they could have been here for the Closing, but since I'll be heading to bed soon, I'll have to Tivo the rest. So this is a tribute to Dani, Sara, Chris and Garry.

But I just had to comment about the Closing Ceremonies. Great show, great memories, great performances.

We can all pick our favorite performances, but still I think the Gold winner in my book is that one class act that represented our country so well: Michael Phelps.

Congrats to all the athletes and volunteers for giving so much!

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