Thursday, August 14, 2008



Merriam-Webster's defines addiction as such: "compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal."

I think they need to add one more word in that description for not only me, but for many of us (and I don't mean the word 'Disney', but that certainly can fall into the category as well). The word I'm thinking of presently is 'Olympics'.

Yep, as usual, and as you can tell from my previous post, I can't get enough of the Olympics. I'm not even a big sports nut, but every time the Olympics come around, I can't help myself. I tell this story to people, but back in 1984 when the Olympics were in Los Angeles, my mother and I got hooked on pin trading. There was this huge inflatable Coke bottle near the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and we went nuts. And then when Disney started with the pin trading, well, those of you who know me (and are equally addicted) know about that.

It didn't help that many of the events happened all over Southern California, but that addiction started back then. So now, thanks to Tivo, I'm able to watch Olympics when I get home from work, after dinner, when I get up in the morning before I go to get the idea.

And to top things off, now I can also Beijing Cam, thanks to one of our local news stations. And let me tell you, anchor Eric Perkins (Perk) and photojournalist John Drilling (Drill) are hilarious to watch when they are at their desks. They will do all sorts of wacky stuff for the camera. See for yourself.

When they are away, you get nice views of Beijing. Thankfully, I'm too busy at work to spend time watching that all the time, but will sneak a peak at lunch. Check out their blog, too. Those boys are nuts. They went to the wrong airport here and almost missed their flight. But then, like me, when in Los Angeles, they had to eat at In-N-Out Burgers.

Okay, have to check out the scores and the medal count....


Thomas said...

I'm sure there are millions across the country who are experiencing exactly what you are, Tim. Enjoy! The summer games only come every 48months.

Timon said...

My friends and I are already planning on how we can go to the 2012 Olympics in London, Thomas!

We figured that I'm the only one who can brave the cold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics since I’m used to the Tundra in MN. Brrrr!