Friday, August 8, 2008

Ni Hau, Y'all!

It's time for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and I'm excited! In fact, I decided to throw an Olympic Opening Ceremony party for some friends. How sad is that?

Since I had a short time to plan, I didn't get to go all out, but we did have lots of Chinese food, personalized Chinese Zodiac place mats, Chinese and Greek trivia, and customized fortune cookies, all with Star Wars sayings. We even had our own drinking game based on what Garry would or wouldn't say.

With Hercules meeting Mulan, my Disney decorating theme was strong with my Disney friends. And I also have to thank Carl for sending a WDCC Olympics Goofy poster for my door and to Michelle for calling us to see if we were having a good time.

But the biggest thanks has to go to Sara, Dani, Chris and Garry, for putting up with my constant Chinese trivia ("You are now eating bao. 'Bao' means 'treasure' in Chinese."), my attempts are cooking some of the food, and for making them pose with these lanterns.

I'd be surprised if they ever came back for another party. But at least I didn't make them dress up in the Olympic colors and make them pose like the rings, like I told them I would make them.
They even posed for a picture (we were well into the drinking game at this point).

And here's the welcome sign I made for the party. I think my neighbors will steer clear of me after seeing the party theme.


Babette said...

Hey Tim
Why aren't u wearing a Toga or a Kimono?

Timon said...

I know it's hard to see, but that shirt actually says "Beijing Olympics" on it.

Funny story with that. Macy's has some cool polo Olympic t-shirts, but the price tag is $125 for a t-shirt! The polo is $175. At those prices, I'd rather have another WDCC piece I really don't need!