Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Not Kelly or Clay For Sure

The other night while working in my hotel room, I had the TV on for some background noise. And boy do I mean noise.

It's the 5th season of Canadian Idol up here, and I sure hope they find some people worth making the season, or they will only have a few episodes. I seriously doubt we'll hear any of them making it across the boarder. The most entertaining part of the evening for me were the judges. It was like some parallel universe gone wrong, with Randy, Paula and Simon alter egos.

And then they had three Ryan Seacrests. What's that all about? (pronounced a-boot) I'm more excited about hearing what the Canadian Seven Natual Wonders are that will be announced tonight.

But in case you want to check out their Idol, here's the link:

Seacrestses Out! (That's too much of a mouthful)

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