Monday, June 25, 2007

Drunks and Blabbermouths on the Plane

Why is it that I am so lucky to keep getting to sit next to drunks and/or people who just can't keep their mouths shut during a flight?

Don't get me wrong. I like to talk a lot as well, and my friends will certainly tell you that I will talk to just about anyone (or anything). But there are times when I'd like to have my quiet time.
But on more than one occasion, I'm either in a great part of a book, listening to my iPod, or actually watching a movie on my laptop, when the person next to me feels compelled to "getting into my Kool-Aid" (as the hip kids say these days) and to know what I'm watching, reading, or listening.

On one flight, I sat next to a drunk guy with poor eyesight, so I had to read his ticket for him and open his cheese from his snack tray. Yesterday, the drunk guy two seats over spilled his entire (third) beer, so I was lucky I didn't sit next or behind him. But as Karma works out, the flight attendant spilled coffee on my shorts. You can't win sometimes.

So here's my tip: if I'm holding a book, if I'm wearing my iPod, and I'm watching a movie, these would be non-verbal signs that I'm not in the mood to talking to you.

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