Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Evening with Andreas Deja

It took a lot of effort to focus on my customer's needs today, when I knew I would be heading down the street at lunch to pick up my personalized giclee by Andreas Deja.

Andreas was honored at the ASIFA-Hollywood is the Los Angeles chapter of The International Animated Film Society, and as part of the fund-raiser, autographed the giclee he created just for this event.

When I pre-ordered it, I asked if Andreas would write something in his native tongue, since I know a bit of German. They also asked which was my favorite character in that group, and I told them Scar.

Underneath Gaston, you can see the writing which translates loosely to "Scar is probably the worst of the worst. Greetings out of LA."

If you want to read more, this link will provide you with a well-written article.
And here's Andreas' sight, if you'd like to read it "auf Deutsche".
Vielen Dank, Andreas!

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Unknown said...

I own this print, it is signed and numbered. I love it and it is on my wall.