Monday, June 4, 2007

Flying to Kitchener, Ontario

I'm going to be spending some time in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada on business. Flying out of Detroit was a bit of a challenge Sunday night due to some bad thunderstorms.

After a few delays, we were finally allowed to fly out. Traveling on those regional jets is kind of like riding Star Tours, but at least you know they have control of the attraction. After 45 minutes of turbulence, and going through Customs in Canada, I went to pick up my luggage, only to find that they must have left it out in the rain in Detroit. The outside was sopping wet.

Fortunate for me, I place my pants in a plastic bag and use a lot of Ziplocks. So most of my clothes were only a bit damp instead of being soaked all the way through. My neurotic way of packing finally pays off!

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