Friday, June 8, 2007

Brakes! Brakes! Where Are The Brakes?!?

I have flown a fair bit in my 42 years here on earth, but nothing has come close to Star Tours as yesterday's flight from Canada back to the States. Any bit of turbulence I've experienced in the past pales by comparison of that flight. I knew something was up when they moved us all to the back of the plane so that we could take off. It was one of those puddle jumpers with prop engines.
For 50 minutes we bumped, rocked, rolled and pitched all over the place. By the time we landed on Terra Firma, I just about kissed it. I didn't even mind the more-than-usually rude and lazy Customs and TSA people. Yep. I'm back in the good ol' US of A, but at least in one piece.

Then I found out there must have been a bad storm on the East Coast. Many flights were delayed, and mine got moved around a few times. In fact, they boarded us, and then announced they couldn't find the co-pilot (Was his name Rex?) Turns out, he was stuck in Charlotte. And because I caught an earlier flight, but my luggage didn't, so I had to wait at the airport 20 minutes for my original flight to arrive to get my bags.


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