Monday, December 1, 2014

She's Drawn That Way

During my vacation at Walt Disney World, I was looking for that special work of art that I could take home as my memory of the trip celebrating my 50th birthday. I looked at many pieces, and my friends who were on the trip with me will tell you how long my list was of potential contenders. But I kept coming back to Mulan or Merida at the Art of Disney in EPCOT. Han Solo at Disney's Hollywood Studios was also in the top three.

The day before my last day, I took another spin into the Art of Disney, and my mouth dropped wide open. It did! For now I saw Jessica Rabbit. Oh the agony of making me choose! As much as I was leaning towards Mulan, I was 'drawn' to Jessica.

Today Jessica arrived in pristine condition. I'm thankful given the mishap I had with my Christmas ornaments, but in the end they turned out to be fine (see previous post).

I'm thankful to several friends who, over the past four years, have given me a Disney gift card for either a birthday or Christmas gift. I hoarded them away in my safe and to be honest, forgot about them until I started looking in my safe for this trip. But thanks to them almost the entire work of art was paid for by their generosity. I've always said my friends are the best, and this is just one of many examples.

Every time I look at Jessica, I'll think of them!

And I'm thrilled with the signed and numbered work!

Here's the CoA. I'm sorry. Certificate of Authenticity for non-collectors. 

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