Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Phở Real

After satisfying the Dutch half of my heritage, it was time to address my Asian half.  Even though Phở Indonesian, it comes from the same part of the world. If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Phở (pronouced 'Fa' not 'Fo'), go out and find a place. There are the Furbee, but hopefully will be around longer than Pogs. You may need to go into the Wayback Machine for those references.

Anyway, I took my parents to two restaurants that serve Phở. The first is simply called Fine Asian Cuisine in Colorado Springs. This was their serving, which I was able to gulp down with no problems at all.

Thanks to our friends at The Gift House in Lakewood, CO (See my review on Yelp), they put us on to this shopping area. Last time I was here with my parents was in September, but we missed Pho Ta.  Let's just say we were so glad to find it this time around.

The Spring Rolls are amazing. Much better than other places. Try the shrimp and the pork.

Mom had a seafood noodle dish, Dad ordered some kind of combo meal, and I had the beef Pho. Let me tell you this: if you are a big eater like I am and usually get a large of anything, don't do it here. It is LARGE! Check out my pictures. I had enough for lunch and the leftovers will be an entire meal for me.

The price for everything was less than if you went to an average sit-down restaurant. I would much rather come here any day over Applebee's or Red Lobster. And the service was first-rate! (One final item worth noting because it's important to me, the bathrooms were very clean!)

We'll be back for sure. It's worth it!

Check out these reviews and more on Yelp.

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