Saturday, December 15, 2012

Herten in the Headlights

While visiting my parents in Colorado Springs, I always have to stop by the Dutch bakery to pick up Christmas treats that bring back fond childhood memories. But you have to get there early or they sell out!

These are called 'oliebollen', which translated literally mean 'oil balls'.  Blech!  Thankfully, they are far from being blech. Think about a marriage between donuts and Beignets, and you're pretty darn close. Some come with powdered sugar and others don't.

The other treat I had to pick up were saucijs brood, which means sausage bread. Heat up until the pastry gets a nice golden brown, generously slather spicy mustard, and don't burn the roof of your mouth!

After I left the bakery, I saw a group of deer across the street. I whipped my car around to take a picture, thinking they would run off. Nope. These well-feed 'herten', Dutch for deer, weren't even phased by me.

Now you've learned three (clean) Dutch words!

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