Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Right On Target With Mickey

It's time for my annual business trip to Chicago for the International Municipal League conference. Because I ran out of time during my last two trips to Chicago, I was determined to find the new Disney Store located on State Street. That, and because it was raining and I forgot to pack a t-shirt to wear while setting up our booth, it was a no-brainer to buy Disney.

Like I mentioned, it was a rainy night, but thankfully not all that cold. I took the Red Line from my hotel up three stops to State and Monroe. As I was walking, the rain started to really come down, so I popped into a doorway to put on my windbreaker. I could hardly believe my eyes to see that there is a Target in Downtown Chicago now! (On State and Madison) Now I really was excited! I continued down the street one more block and found the new Disney Store.

While it's much smaller than its Michigan Avenue sister store, it still had the items for what I was looking.

I found this nifty umbrella, as well as a Chicago t-shirt with Mickey on it. I also had to pick up a few Chicago Disney pins for some friends.

I had to pick up this shirt, too, since it matches my Mickey bean bag plush.

Every time I go into a Disney Store in Chicago, I always have to look at the cute plush Mickey wearing that shirt. But since I have the bean bag version of it, and because my carry on is stuffed to the gills, I always pass. But you have to admit he's cute!
After I got my Disney fix, I immediately had to use one of my purchases, and out came the umbrella. Now I mentioned Target. Typically when I'm in Chicago, I have to find a Walgreens, CVS or 7-Eleven to buy bottled water, snacks, and something I forgot to pack, like shaving cream or toothpaste. Now, I can go to Target, which is exactly what I did! While the customer service is lacking, I didn't care, because it's Target and I know where to go to find things.

About this time, the tapeworm and my glucose were telling me it was time for dinner. I didn't want to go all the way back to the Chicago Hilton, drop off my goodies and head out again, so I decided to indulge. Have you been to Epic Burger? It's epic! It's along the lines of Five Guys. But being the big social media geek that I am, I like Epic Burger because you can Tweet and see your posts on their TV screen.

I ordered, sat down, posted a Tweet at #theepicburger, and my meal came. I looked up and discovered that their Twitter feed had frozen, so I couldn't see my Tweet! Drat! Oh well. What else was there to do but to dig into that juicy burger?


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